C A L I F O R N I A   P R I V A T E

W O R K S H O P    R E T R E A T S  


L  I  S  A    E  V  A  N  S

in  the San Francisco Bay Area

A personal message from Lisa…

What I will share with you in this workshop, simply put, is everything that has allowed me to make a great living creating artistic wall Portrait Art for the past 35 years.  Packed full of successful techniques, creative inspirations and innovative ways to stand out in this world of Photography.  This is a life changing experience . . . just ask any past participant!  

Over the years, I have been honored to share my art and business philosophies at speaking engagements all over the world.   Bringing new ways to interpret the possibilities of the wall portrait – breaking new grounds going beyond the old ways set by tradition.  Today I am  blessed with one of the highest portrait averages in the country. 

I took a long break from speaking to raise my daughter and focus on my thriving Portrait Art business in the SF Bay Area.  I am now excited to return to sharing and coaching photographers on their own creative path.  I invite you to come experience the magic,  peek behind the scenes as I share the total experience that I provide my clients.  Elevate your skills for truly designing and composing poetically beautiful portraits.  Learn how to mix mediums and uniquely present your work as art, using interior design skills to compliment your client’s home.  This is your chance to take your signature to a higher level and rise above the mass of  picture takers flooding our world.

Imagine . . .  creating more artistic portraits while being rewarded financially for the meaningful work you create for your clients.  Join a small collection of like minded photographers with a common goal of rising above with their work.  Each one blessed with their own unique vision and way of bringing their photography into the world – we all have so much to share with one another.  I am honored to bring together a wonderful collection of people and look forward to sharing an inspiring time of growing together. 

In need of some artistic nourishment?  This is just the inspiration that you have been longing for!

From the heart,